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About Us

About Us

Sellable Listings ltd is a new and used Goods / Services company formed in February 2016 and is based in Southland, Invercargill.

Our services include.....

Selling your unwanted goods for a commission, Usually around 20 %,

example.... I sell your unwanted TV for $100, We give you $80 and Sellable Listings makes $20.

Our website is free for the public to uuuuse and all listings under $1000 are free.

Sellable Listings also provides a clean out service and will take away any unwanted belongings, Free quotes, and cleanouts may sometimes be free,

Ex... you have a garage full of old unwanted belongings and need the space for the new car, the quote to remove the content comes to $400 and I also see a spare fridge in the back corner worth around $400 , We could also agree to do a straight trade, ( conditions apply ).